Spirometer, Spirobank II Smart

Spirometer, Spirobank II Smart

Spirobank II Smart. A smarter way to perform spirometry! Maximum ease of use. Wireless connectivity to an iPad via an iOS App

· Includes a virtual assistant supporting the operator before, during and after spirometry test.

· Stand alone and real-time tests on iPad via Bluetooth® Smart.

· Spirobank II® Smart can be also connected to the PC via USB using WinspiroPRO PC Software®

· Main spirometry parameters available on Smart version using new iSpirometry App: FVC, FEV1, FEV1%, PEF, FEF25–75, FET, Lung Age, VC, IVC.


MIR Spirometry and Oximetry App.with free online updates.

Uses MIR reusable turbine and MIR Disposable turbine Flowmeter (complies with ATS/ERS standards) for maximum accuracy and hygiene. Each turbine is factory calibrated with a computerized system and it is packaged individually in a clean room. 100% hygiene guaranteed!

MIR - Medical International Research