Spirometer, Peak Flow and FEV1 monitor Smart One

Spirometer, Peak Flow and FEV1 monitor Smart One

Smart One® is a pocket-size, keyless spirometer intended for personal use. It connects via Bluetooth to the new generation of smartphones and tablets, combining wireless technology and an App to monitor their condition or treatment.

The Smart One® selection and awarding criteria were Design/style, Ease of use, Patient Comfort, Innovation and Impact in Clinical Practice.

Our goal is to combine medical solutions with smartphone skills of today.

We are proud to have received the POINT award from the ERS, and see it as further recognition of the added value Smart One® brings to patient care.

Smart One:

· Measures Peak Flow and FEV1 on your iPhone/iPad

· Comes with an App that includes an incentive for both adults and children.

· The incentive program shown directly on the screen is helpful in improving children's compliance during testing.

· Symptoms selection and easy scoring system with the option of multiple tapping to identify the intensity

· Test results history with FEV1, traffic light health indicator, symptoms scoring and notes

· Ideal for monitoring respiratory illnesses and in the self-management of Asthma, COPD, Lung Transplant care, Cystic Fibrosis and for use in Clinical Trials.

· MIR Smart One® connects wirelessly to Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices with extremely low battery consumption.

· With two common alkaline batteries it can run up to 5-10 years on standby mode with more than one thousand tests performed.

I will send you all the pictures of the devices with WeTransfer.

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