• Ergostik hardware simple to connect – Plug and Play
  • Easy and safe use while switching off flow and gas signal during zero phase
  • Easy and fast gas calibration – no tube change
  • Ultra-light Ergoflow sensor with less than 20 ml effective dead space
  • Full integrated 12 channel resting and stress ECG with wireless option, pacemaker and arrhythmia detection
  • User definable configuration of all tables and graphs
  • Automatic threshold detection
  • Smart Report technology for user definable reports and screen views
  • Integrated PDF generator
  • Flexible editor for norm values
  • Interconnectivity with HL7 interface
  • Automatic BTPS correction of temperature, pressure and humidity
  • Interface to multiple cycle and treadmill ergometer
  • Full integrated SpO2 (option)
  • Training planer (option)
Exercise testing
Geratherm Respiratory GmbH